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Otomat makineleri hakkında ne tür slotlar biliyorsunuz?

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Artık otomat sadece içecek ve atıştırmalık satmakla kalmıyor, aynı zamanda ruj otomatı, dondurma otomatı, meyve ve sebze otomatı, yetişkin ürünleri otomatı vb. Gibi çeşitli ürünlere de uzanıyor.

According to different products, different kinds of slots are selected, including S-shaped slots, spring/belt slots, locker cabinet and other slots.

So, what are the common vending machine slots?

1. Spring spiral slots

This kind of channel has the characteristics of simple structure and many kinds of commodities could be sold. It can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, as well as bottled drinks.


2. Kemer yuvaları

Belt slots can be said to be an extension of spring slots, which has many restrictions and is suitable for selling goods with fixed packaging and not easy to fall.


3. S-shaped slots

S-shaped slots is specially developed for beverage vending machines. It can sell all kinds of bottled and canned beverages. Beverages are stacked in the inner layers, sliding out by its own gravity, and will not get stuck. The export is controlled by electromagnetic mechanism.


4. Lockers

Each box has separate doors and control mechanisms. And one box can have one item or one set of goods.