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Otomatik satış makineleri nasıl seçilir?

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Giderek daha fazla kullanıcı otomat makinesi endüstrisiyle ilgileniyor. Alışveriş merkezlerinde, parklarda, okullarda ve diğer yerlerde her yerde görebiliriz. Ancak piyasada birçok otomat üreticisi var. Nasıl seçilir?

Step 1: The Basic Indicators of Vending Machines

The basic indicators of vending machine include: appearance size, net weight, material quality of machine parts, power, slots number, commodity capacity, applicable range of commodity categories, etc. The more easily overlooked indicator is the requirement of the machine’s placement environment. It is absolutely impossible to locate outdoors and buy indoor equipment.

Step 2: Vending Machine Quality Indicators

There are two main aspects: 1. Life of the whole vending machine 2. Standards for production execution (whether products have relevant quality system certification)

Step 3:  The Production and Supply Links

Production and supply links mainly depend on quotation, origin, supply cycle, enterprise’s largest and smallest order-taking ability, technology reserve and new product R&D ability, and initial procurement service support ability. Supply capability and service support capability of initial procurement are particularly important, which need detailed understanding and accurate information.

Step 4: The operation performance of the vending machine

Key indicators of equipment operation performance, visual appearance of machine, rationality of structure, complexity of daily maintenance, difficulty of using slots structure, failure rate of equipment, convenience of display, effect of commodity display, energy saving effect and so on should be paid attention to. Operational performance of the machine is the most difficult and critical step in the selection of equipment. We must carefully confirm each key indicator.

Step 5: The Opening Capability of Vending Machine System

The key indicators of the system’s opening capability: the type of data that can be output, the type of interface/transport protocol, whether remote support is supported, whether the follow-up system functions support the expansion or compatibility of the follow-up additional devices.