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زومگو لاڪر ڪانسونٽي اسٽور وينڊنگ مشين آهي

This is our locker vending machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium. It is designed according to the ergonomic and consumers don’t have to bend when picking up their products from the machine. This machine has a capacity of 539~819 items subject to the sizes of products. It can meet both consumers’ functional demands and psychological needs.

پيرا ميٽر جي informationاڻ

size:339 Standard Items


Specifications:539-839Standard Items



مضمونن جي

- Compatible with different payment options.Wechat Pay, Alipay, notes, coins,credit card, face-recognition, etc.

- Crane system that can effectively prevent products from getting damaged(when being dispensed
- Automatic door with sensor to prevent products/hands from getting pinched.
- Large full-view window with tempered glass(anti-explosion, anti-vandalism and durable).
- Large capacity, up to 819 products(subject to their dimensions).
- Universal slots, compatible with a wide range of products.
- 22 inches high resolution touch screen, easy and convenient shopping experience and compatible with advertising.


ڪرائون سائيز واري
ايڇ: 1933 ايم ايم ، وائي: 1483 ملي ايم ، ڊي: 320 ملي ايم
320 kg
Payment Systems بل، پئسن، پئسن وارو ڊسپينسر (ايم ڊي بي پروٽوڪول) 
بجلي جي فراهمي جي  AC 110V/220~240V, 50/60HZ
گرمي پد 6-25°C(adjustable)
گنجائش 539-819 پي سي
معياري انٽرنيٽ ايم ڊي بي ڊي / ڊيڪس / RS232
وارنٽي 1 سال
اپليڪشن اسڪول ، بئنڪ ، آفيس ، فيڪٽري ، پارڪ ، سب وي اسٽيشن ، ايئرپورٽ ، هوٽل ، اسپتال ، شاپنگ مال وغيره
اختياري ويچٽ ڪي آر ادا ، علي ق آر ادا ، ميمبرن ڪارڊ / آئي سي ڪارڊ ادائگي جا ڪم