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زومگو تازو گرائونڊ ڪافي وينڊنگ مشين

This is our bean to cup coffee vending machine. Freshly grind coffee beans on site,adopting high quality materials.Various ingredients are available to meet the demands of people with different tastes.
Extracted by high pressure and high temperature, Hot water at 92 degrees Celsius, the best temperature for coffee.The canisters dispense fast, weight of the coffee powder for each cup is stringently controlled to guarantee the best taste.Fast switch between water bucket and running water, 160 cupssupplied each time.
ا custom پنهنجي گراهڪ زومگيو مشين جا آرڊر! صنعت ۾ پهريون هجو ته جيئن اهي زمين تي ٽڪرائڻ وارا صحتمند وينڊنگ مشين هجن.

پيرا ميٽر جي informationاڻ

ماپ: ايڇ: 1780 ملي ميٽر ، ڊبليو ايم 865 ملي ايم ، ڊي: 800 ملي ايم

Capacity: 140 cups

Model: ZG-NCF-7N(H22)

مضمونن جي

● Coffee beans grinder: Fresh ground coffee beans,on site making coffee beans into coffee drinks,coffee powder grinding fitness adjustable.

● Tidy: visible operation process through glass showcase.

● Variety: 6 material boxes for Ingredients like: milk, Coco Powder, Sugar,Tea Powder, Lemon Powder, etc.

● Intelligent: High technology automatic mechanical operation with robot arm delivery.

● Safe: Anti-clamping door preventing hand clamping.

● Convenient: Visualizing touch screen purchasing enhance fine buying experience.

● Tasty: High temperature&pressure extracting technology keeps the coffee nutrition and gives natural mellow taste.

● Anti-theft: integrated anti-theft door with electronic lock.

● Precision: High precision weighting sensor control each cups coffeebean's using assuring the stable tasting.

● Accurate: Hot water at 92 degrees Celsius, the best temperature for coffee.

● Anti-blocking: fast slid down powder material aisles and dry keepingway avoid blocking.

● Water supply: Bottled water and pipe water switch easily.

● More cups: 4 buckets to hold cups,160 cups in total.

● With lid: Portable and without spillage.

ZG-NCF-7N (H22)
ڪرائون سائيز واري ايڇ: 1780 ايم ايم ، وائي: 865 ملي ايم ، ڊي: 800 ملي ايم
ادائگي جو نظام بل، پئسن، پئسن وارو ڊسپينسر (ايم ڊي بي پروٽوڪول)
وزن    225 رپيا
گرمي پد   4-25 ° سي (سھڻو)
چونڊ 20
بجلي جي فراهمي جي  AC 110V/220~240V, 50/60HZ
گنجائش 140 کپ
معياري انٽرنيٽ  ايم ڊي بي ڊي / ڊيڪس / RS232
وارنٽي 1 يار
بجلي عام 40 W  گرمائش 3000 W
اختياري ويچٽ ڪي آر ادا ، علي ق آر ادا ، ميمبرن ڪارڊ / آئي سي ڪارڊ ادائگي جا ڪم
اپليڪشن اسڪول ، بئنڪ ، آفيس ، فيڪٽري ، پارڪ ، سب وي اسٽيشن ، ايئرپورٽ ، هوٽل ، اسپتال ، شاپنگ مال وغيره