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नाही म्हण? शाळेत स्नॅक बार उघडायचा?

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Heavy news!

दोन सत्रांदरम्यान,

The official Sina-weibo of China News Network posts:

The Ministry of Education formulated the Regulations clearly:

From April 1st, 2019

Primary, secondary schools and kindergartens are not allowed to set up snack bars, supermarkets and other food business places.

If there is a need to set it up, permission shall be obtained according to law.


Beginning with next month, Primary and Secondary School Students across the country may have to say goodbye to the school’s snacks.

दुसऱ्या शब्दांत, परवाना मिळवणाऱ्या व्हेंडिंग मशिन्सच्या संख्येत साहजिकच वाढ होईल. हे निःसंशयपणे कॅम्पसमध्ये नवीन 24 तास स्वयं-सेवा बुद्धिमान रिटेलिंगच्या विकासास प्रोत्साहन देईल आणि विद्यार्थ्यांच्या निरोगी वाढीचे रक्षण करेल.


कॅम्पसमध्ये झूमगु व्हेंडिंग मशीन

Promoting the healthy food management of vending machine, such as low-temperature milk and healthy drinking water.

Avoiding high-salt, high-sugar and high-fat food entering campus

CCTV-2 नुसार, कमी-तापमानाचे दूध भविष्यातील बाजारपेठेचा मुख्य प्रवाह बनले आहे.

सनलू मिल्क पावडरच्या घटनेमुळे पेच निर्माण झाल्यानंतर डेअरी उद्योग अडचणीत आला आहे. काही काळापूर्वीच, NPC प्रतिनिधींनी पुढे केले होते की, राज्य दुग्धउद्योगासाठी आपला पाठिंबा वाढवेल आणि संबंधित उद्योगांनाही नवीन संधी मिळतील.


Professionals said that the first and second-tier cities are the main consumption areas of dairy products in China. The third and fourth-tier cities are in the stage of cultivation. More and more urban families will pursue nutrition and health in the future, which will bring new increments to dairy enterprises.


Warm milk has a high requirement for milk origin. It shall be refrigerated for 3-5 days, fresh, safer, more natural and nutritious, just like’fresh fruit’.

The nutritional value of low temperature milk is far beyond that of normal temperature’s. Dairy experts point out that nutritious, fresh and safe fresh milk is the best choice for children, especially the active substances in fresh milk.


How can low-temperature milk walk into the public life, schools, residential areas, office buildings, so that people’s lives are healthier and better? Various trends showed a low-temperature milk vending machine is the best way to solve this problem.

Zoomgu low-temperature milk vending machine is developed to solve this problem.

Zoomgu vending machine

Temperature are adjustable freely, protect the milk products’s freshness and nutrition


Yili Low-temperature milk in campus

Zoomgu low-temperature milk vending machine has been favored by many brands because of its convenient layout and mature technology.




Scenarios of Zoomgu vending machines

१. The of च्या शेवटी

In WeChat Pay Partner Conference


Zoomgu’s strategic partner

क्लाउड सास मॉनिटरिंग सिस्टम

" The solution of milk vending machine 's Wechat Membership Card "

Wins the Excellent Case Award for Self-service Equipment



क्लाउड सास मॉनिटरिंग सिस्टम

The Birth of Wechat Membership Card Solution

Let operators easily turn over capital, revenue visible

Increase the number of repeated purchases by consumers

रिअल-टाइम डेटा संपादन, अचूक विपणन

Get customer service and technical support, save effort and operation

Layout of Low Temperature Milk Vending Machine

It’s just like adding wings to a tiger.



For Brand Businessmen

We will provide brand promotion, high quality channel resources


ब्राइट डेअरीसह पाश्चर मिल्क वेंडिंग मशीनचे बॅच उत्पादन



What' s more

Common Card, Campus Card, Community Card

Three types of membership cards, very flexible

It can be said that "one card in hand, no worries about selling goods"





Choice is more important than hard work.