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How much does it cost to invest in a vending machine

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The contactless shopping of unmanned retail, whether it is a part-time job as a sideline or as an investment project, is a good choice. However, new investors need to know the cost of investing in vending machines and their own budget, and then consider the overall direction of operation.

What does the cost of investing in a vending machine include?

To operate the vending machine business requires some related work and costs. Next, I will analyze the main costs of investing in vending machines from four aspects, so that you can better budget and evaluate.

1. Vending airport fees

Just like opening a small store, vending machines also need a place to be placed. But compared with traditional stores, the location of vending machines is more flexible and inexpensive. Because the vending machine can be placed outside, and it takes up very little space. So this cost is not high, and if you operate well, many places can also achieve zero cost opening through profit sharing. In the actual operation of the vending machine, there are different places and points of different nature. Different methods can be used to achieve zero cost or low cost to win points. There is a lot of experience and skills in this area, and I will find another opportunity to talk about it in detail.

2. Vending machine cost

Vending machine fees are the biggest expense in this business. Vending machines have a lot of configuration items. Our main purpose is unmanned retail. In the process of choosing a vending machine, my suggestion is to meet our needs with the lowest investment. Some additional items are determined according to the actual situation. For example, when we first started to test the effect of the points, there was no need to buy unmanned vending machines with unpractical configurations and high prices. Buy the most basic scan code version. Can. After accumulating rich operating experience, you can choose some practical function configurations according to the actual situation of the site population. It is estimated that the detailed experience and skills in this area cannot be finished in a day, but the above basic principles can help you save a lot of money.

3. The cost of goods sold by vending machines

If a vending machine wants to make money, then you must do it by selling things, buying low and selling high. No matter what type of merchandise you're selling, you'll need to stock up on some items for your vending machine. This fee depends on the type of commodity, and the required fee is also different. Generally, it can start with 2-3 thousand. Such as our common beverages, snacks, adult products and so on. This cost is generally not too high. At the beginning, you can choose according to some design and research. Later, you have some operational experience, and you can choose according to big data.


4. Vending machine management fee

Vending machine management costs, if your machine is relatively small, if you want to learn experience or test, you can use your time to do it. This cost is basically negligible. If you don't have enough time, or if you run a certain number of vending machines, you can find a part-time or full-time person to do it. This is mainly due to labor and transportation costs.