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Smart vending machines have become the leading role of the post-unmanned retail era.

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Unmanned retail intelligence and technologies reduce labor and rental costs and increase efficiency, today we’ll talk about the innovations in smart vending machines.

Intelligent vending machines болды Жаңалауd and developed by countless companies when they first rose and within one year their functions were gradually completed and evolved inдейін a carrier of general products. Vending machines are divided into a lot of different categories like for orange juice, үшін coffee and even үшін кеспеs, a vending machine that really meets people«s demands must be one that is universal and open because in this way it is compatible with different products and there won«t be restrictions from products.

Openness does not refer to development of shelves, but of online сауда channels. Vending machines are not only selling offline but also selling online as a terminal to link to the consumer, the advantage of being very close to тұтынушылар there is unlimited space to develop in the future as we can say that vending machines are the ең жақын sales terminals to consumers and this could be the greatest opportunity, as an entrance to flow in vending machines are very valuable.