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Mesin Vachine Panganan Sehat ing Layar Zoomgu Lengkap

This is our elevator vending machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium.
That’s why we have designed and developed a convenient way to respond to the needs of the public. Our high-capacity combination vending machines allow you to provide your customers multiple choices of products to your customers happy and satisfied.
Pesen mesin Zoomgu khusus sampeyan saiki! Dadi sing pertama ing industri iki sing duwe mesin penjual otomatis sing sehat.

Informasi paramèter

Ukuran: H: 1882 mm, W: 1163 mm, D: 911 mm

Kapasitas: 300-800 pcs

Model: ZG-D900-9C(55SP)


● Lift system can sell fragile products.
● With elevator system, can sell fragile Products, fresh foods, such as drinks in glass bottles/cans/bottles/boxes /soft package- Polyurethane foaming body & imported Embraco compressor.
● Protection system on power leaking ensures the safely running of  Zoomgu’s machines
● Control board uses the 3D design and indicator light is used on the coin holes.
● Cloud platform support remote checking of machines’ data & working status.
● Applied MDB & DEX standards, supporting universal standardized peripherals.

Unlike on older models, With the latest coin return lever to eliminate button.


Full cover 55 inch touching screen, Built-in  user friendly shopping software* Ultra smooth & fast elevator system suitable for vending fragile products
* Easy removal of the cooling unit for maintenance or repairs (unit comes out from the front)
* Has the most user friendly interface (for easy programming & changing settings) pricing etc
* Dex protocol for telemetry and cashless payment systems (Paypass, Android pay, Tap n go , etc)
* Drop sensor system for guaranteed delivery or money returned automatically
* 90 degree door opening for easier refilling
* LED lighting (super bright)
* Easy spiral adjusting just pull & twist (no need to remove tray)
* ATM style keypad for strength and reliability
* Adjustable shelving to suit your needs and products

ZG-D900-9C (55SP)
Size H: 1882 mm, W: 1163 mm, D: 911 mm
Sistem Pembayaran Bill, Koin, Dispenser Koin (MDB Protocol)
bobot    340 kg
Suhu   4-25 ° C (luwes)
Pilihan 54 
Power supply  AC 110V/220~240V, 50/60HZ
kapasitas 300-800 pcs
Antarmuka standar  MDB / DEX / RS232
Warranty 1Wong Loro
Power 45 Biasa  Pendingin 465 W
pilihan Wechat QR Pay, Ali QR Pay, fungsi pembayaran kertu Keanggotaan / kertu IC
aplikasi Sekolah, bank, kantor, pabrik, taman, kereta bawah tanah stasiun, bandara, hotel, rumah sakit, mal blanja lsp.