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Lub tshuab muag khoom yuav dhau los ua kev tsom mus rau kev tsim khoom hauv khw muag khoom ntse nrog cov qauv kev lag luam ntau yam.

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With the trend of "unmanned retail" sweeping across the world, intelligent vending machines have become the focus of development in intelligent retailing market with their diversified business models and the advantages of less space-occupying and better efficiency.

Digital intelligent sales era: abilities to analyze the operational data, optimize options, cut down supply chain costs and provide customers with high cost-effective products with comparisons on regions, consumers and category management incorporated.

Intelligent new retail era: we make AI(artificial txawj ntse) our console, personalize it and let it complete voice interaction, payment guidance, after-sales response thiab other functions including AI monitoring, ntse temperature control, non-damage dispensing. Countless entrepreneurs and investment institutions poured into the uninhabited retail market once the idea of new retailing system was put forward, and the vending machine market kept growing strongly against the sib.