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Zoomgu Aurpegi Maskarako Salmenta Makina

This is our combo vending machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium.
It is designed according to the ergonomic and consumers don’t have to bend when picking up their products from the machine. This machine has a capacity of 900 items subject to the sizes of products. It can meet both consumers’ functional demands and psychological needs.
Order your custom Zoomgu machines today! Be the first in the industry to own these ground-breaking healthy vending machines.

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Size: H:1940 mm, W:1121 mm, D:771 mm

Capacity: About 900 pcs

Model: ZG-S800-10


● Compatible with different payment options.Wechat Pay, Alipay, notes, coins,credit card, face-recognition, etc.

● With 8 inch LCD screen to display videos & pictures with 4G.

● With drop sensor to dedicate if deliver successfully.

● With metal keyboard to choose products. 

● Large full-view window with tempered glass(anti-explosion, anti-vandalism and durable).

● Large capacity, up to 300 products(subject to their dimensions).

● Universal slots, compatible with a wide range of products.

TamainaH:1940 mm, W:1121 mm, D:771 mm
Ordainketa SistemaBill, Moneta, Txanpon-banatzailea (MDB Protokoloa)
Pisua   200 kg
Energia hornidura AC 110V/220~240V, 50/60HZ
EdukieraAbout 900 pcs
Interfaz estandarra MDB/DEX/RS232
PowerNormal 29 W
AukerakoWechat QR Pay,Ali QR Pay,Membership card/IC card payment functions
aplikazioakSchool,bank,office,factory,park,subway station,airport,hotel,hospital, shopping mall etc.,