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Kombinirani automat za prodaju dizala sa voćnom salatom

This is our elevator vending machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium.
That’s why we have designed and developed a convenient way to respond to the needs of the public. Our high-capacity combination vending machines allow you to provide your customers multiple choices of products to your customers happy and satisfied.
Naručite svoje prilagođene Zoomgu mašine već danas! Budite prvi u industriji koji posjeduje ove revolucionarne zdrave automate.

Informacije o parametrima

Veličina: V: 1882 mm, Š: 1163 mm, D: 911 mm

Kapacitet: 300-800 kom

Model: ZG-D900-9C(55SP)


● Lift system can sell fragile products.
● With elevator system, can sell fragile Products, fresh foods, such as drinks in glass bottles/cans/bottles/boxes /soft package- Polyurethane foaming body & imported Embraco compressor.
● Protection system on power leaking ensures the safely running of  Zoomgu’s machines
● Control board uses the 3D design and indicator light is used on the coin holes.
● Cloud platform support remote checking of machines’ data & working status.
● Applied MDB & DEX standards, supporting universal standardized peripherals.

With the latest coin return lever to eliminate button jamming like on older models

* Ultra smooth & fast elevator system suitable for vending fragile products
* Easy removal of the cooling unit for maintenance or repairs (unit comes out from the front)
* Has the most user friendly interface (for easy programming & changing settings) pricing etc
* Dex protocol for telemetry and cashless payment systems (Paypass, Android pay, Tap n go , etc)
* Drop sensor system for guaranteed delivery or money returned automatically
* 90 degree door opening for easier refilling
* LED lighting (super bright)
* Easy spiral adjusting just pull & twist (no need to remove tray)
* ATM style keypad for strength and reliability
* Adjustable shelving to suit your needs and products

ZG-D900-9C (55SP)
veličinaV: 1882 mm, Š: 1163 mm, D: 911 mm
Platni sistemNakladnik, novčić, kovanica (MDB protokol)
Težina   340 kg
Temperatura  4-25 ° C (podesivo)
Napajanje AC 110V/220~240V, 50/60HZ
kapacitet300-800 kom
Standardni interfejs MDB / DEX / RS232
garancija1 godina
moćUobičajeno 45 W  Rashlađeno 465 W
OpcionalnoWechat QR Pay, Ali QR Pay, funkcije plaćanja članskom karticom / IC karticom
AplikacijeŠkola, banka, kancelarija, fabrika, park, metro stanica, aerodrom, hotel, bolnica, tržni centar itd.,