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Drink Vending Machine Solution
  • Intelligent management 

    Easy-to-manipulate microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

  • Launched in a wide range of simple applications

    Small footprint, low cost, can adapt to a variety of sales environment, easy to scale replication.

  • Convenient way to support 

    You can receive notes, coins, coins to find change function.

  • Large capacity is widely applicable

    Reserved expansion, can be combined at any time into a large capacity for sale, can be sold at the same time can be canned, bottled, boxed, bagged and other beverages, a wide range of applications.

  • Low cost and high return

    Unattended, 24 hours non-stop service, no shop, labor, can maintain multiple equipment at the same time, more profit space.

  • Real-time monitoring of the cloud service platform

    Sales, inventory, temperature data timely transmission to the cloud, palm at any time to monitor the operation of each device, according to big data analysis, precision marketing to improve profitability.