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What is the outlook for vending machine market?

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2020 vending machine industry development status and trend analysis.

With the continuous progress of vending machine models, the range or products that can be sold has been much widened. The earlier vending machines in China only worked with coins or small bills and products sold were restricted to bottled or canned drinks. Nowadays intelligent vending machines are compatible with internet connection and mobile payments and products sold are no longer restricted to be drinks, snacks, food and daily necessities.

Vending machines are common equipment of commercial automation, they work without limitations from time and place, save manpower and facilitate transactions. They are also known as 24-hour mini-marts. Vending machine industry is moving towards information technology and further rationalization.

2020 Vending machine industry trend analysis

As the most important carrier in new retailing system, vending machines are more compact, flexible and have wider application scenarios including office buildings, transportation hubs, schools, shopping malls, factories and so on to provide convenient service to consumers there. The vending machine market will keep growing accompanied by the enrichment of this industry and the development of mobile payment and for the 2019-2025 period the annual increasing rate is expected to be 30% with the support from state policies and industry regulations.