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The vending machine industry is entering an era of no man.

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The continuous progress of vending machine models further broadens the product rage that can be sold, from simple vending to the combination with marketing and payments, vending machines are creating more offline consumption scenarios. The integration of face recognition payment and automatic sales and fast pickup makes offline consumption operation extremely simplified, gives better shopping experience. Only one step from choosing to paying, easily omitting the process of scanning code via mobile phone.

According to overall situation of vending machine market in Europe, the United States and Japan , the global number of vending machines in 2016 reached 18.9 million units, an increase of 5% year-on-year.

On aspect of product, vending machines provide more abundant products and pay more attention to the concept of healthy life, on aspect of technology, vending machines will carry out a variety of services with intelligence as its core. On the aspect of enterprise, traditional self-service vending machines enterprises through artificial intelligence technology, and thus promote convenient and efficient services for a variety of scenes .

The integration of vending machine industry with Internet is going deeper, with the development of technologies unattended stores are becoming prevailing in this industry, different types of machines, different functions and different applications scenarios are pushing the vending machine industry into the big era of “Unattended store”.