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Zoomgu-Cone Ice Cream Vending Machine Frozen Food Vending Machine

This is our frozen food vending machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium. Consumers that people donot have to bend down to pick up their products from the machine. It can meet both consumers’ functional demands and psychological needs. Order your custom Zoomgu machines today! Be the first in the industry to own these ground-breaking healthy vending machines.

Parameter information

Size: H:1960 mm, W:1163 mm, D:944 mm

Capacity: 225-260 pcs

Model: ZG-FEL-9G(V49)


1.49-inch large touch screen, better shopping and advertising experience;

2. The overall foaming process is adopted, and the thickness of the insulation layer reaches 80MM; the sheet metal materials of the whole machine are all made of galvanized sheet and stainless steel;

3. It adopts independent cooling module with temperature-insulating inner door, and the cooling temperature can reach -18° when the ambient temperature is 40°; (-25° needs to be customized)

4. Independent temperature controller, remote monitoring, WeChat push alarm for abnormal temperature; remote control can be opened;

5. Using weight detection and cabinet opening monitoring, the elevator cooperates with the shipment, and the shipment is stable, safe and fast.


Size H:1960 mm, W:1163 mm, D:944 mm
Payment System Bill, Coin, Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Weight    400 kg
Temperature   UP to -18°C(adjustable)
Selections 54 types
Power supply  AC 100V/240V, 50/60HZ
Capacity 225-260 pcs
Standard interface  MDB/DEX/RS232
Warranty 1Year
Power Normal  45 W  Refrigerated 465 W
Optional Wechat QR Pay,Ali QR Pay,Membership card/IC card payment functions
Applications School,bank,office,factory,park,subway station,airport,hotel,hospital, shopping mall etc.,