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Zoomgu makes concerted effort to fight the “epidemic”!!!

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Try our best to deal with the worst possible situation, Fight the "epidemic"

Since the operation of Zhonggu, we have worked hard to operate normally and actively cooperated with local governments and communities at all levels to control the epidemic.

On February 12, all employees of Zhonggu carried out nucleic acid inspection and tried their best to eliminate possible risks.








The company has formulated the assurance measures for the prevention and control of the new crown of the enterprise epidemic, deployed various anti epidemic measures early, and actively ensured the orderly and stable development of all works.

With a responsible attitude towards the society and employees of Zhonggu, we strictly register the personnel to enter and leave the plant, and before entering the plant, we must check the temperature, disinfect and other work; we refuse all foreign units and personnel to enter the plant, and at the same time, our colleagues in the epidemic area are delayed to work, leaving no opportunity for the virus!



Every day, we insist on spraying disinfectant water in office buildings, workshops and dormitories to thoroughly disinfect all-round without dead corners. We scrub and disinfect public areas such as offices and meeting rooms for more than two times. At the same time, we strengthen the cleaning and inspection disinfection of dead corners in the plant area


One mask per person per day

Everyone in the factory must wear masks at any time!





Keep taking the temperature of employees more than twice a day

Toilet and meeting room are equipped with disinfectant and hand sanitizer

After returning to work, the system of special delivery and separate meal shall be implemented to avoid crowd gathering




Each department specially assigned person is responsible for supervising the epidemic prevention and control of the Department

Require every employee to do a good job of self-protection,

Wash hands frequently and keep used masks away from littering.

At the same time, do a good job in garbage classification and put an end to secondary pollution!


The battle against epidemic is a long-term struggle.

We must keep a high level of vigilance and never let up until the last minute.

I just hope that the epidemic will come to an end soon.

When spring comes, we can all walk on the streets without masks

Hope the country is peaceful and the people are safe and prosperous!