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Vending machines can not only sell goods, but also warm people’s hearts

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Maybe many people realize that vending machines are very popular in Japan.

In fact, it’s equivalent to one vending machine for every 23 people.

Because the Japanese are very protective of public property, these vending machines are rarely artificially damaged.

Vending machines are like a symbol of Japan.

Whether it’s a busy city

Or the sparsely populated countryside

Vending machines are everywhere.

Especially in the countryside

These vending machines provide more convenient life for local residents.

For example, in winter, the thick snow has brought a lot of trouble to the local residents.

The vending machine is a convenient and warm existence.

People can buy hot drinks from snow-covered vending machines and their hearts will be melted by the warm drinks

The Existence of a "Wonderful"Vending Machine.

This "warmth"has been integrated into people’s lives.

Life has been developing towards convenience and rapidity.

But if you want to pursue extreme comfort.

It never ends.

We should pay more attention to what we have now.

To think about what happiness really means. 

They will appear anywhere.

Corners of remote mountainous areas

Sparsely populated seashore

End of the Earth or Cape of the Sea

 "I’ve always wanted to know,

In such a place

Who is using these vending machines? "

No matter how remote it is

You can find the vending machine.

That sounds incredible.

But it’s also because of the popularity of vending machines.

When you can’t see anything clearly at night.

It was the light of the vending machine that guided us.

These vending machines are the source of happiness.

Holding hot drinks in the ice and snow.

These conveniences have long been incorporated into our lives.

It should be valued by us.

They are so common that they are neglected.

And we should also cherish the warmth of life that we have neglected.

These little warmth.

It can also bring us great happiness.