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Unmanned retail, what problems brand companies should pay attention to !

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Nongfu Spring, Wahaha, Want Want, Unification, Master Kong, Family Convenience, Jingkelong, Good Shop, and today’sunmanned retail sector, compared to the cold years of previous years, are already raging everywhere, with more supply chain advantages and channel resources. Brand companies have entered the market, which has brought different directions to the industry. On the one hand, it has also caused the market to start thinking more about how brand enterprises can deploy unmanned retail channels.

What are the key points of independent distribution of unattended retail channels for brand enterprises?

Point 1: Terminal Cost and Return

Cost and return is an eternal topic in any business. Although unmanned retail has certain advantages in human resources and rent, the cost of large-scale deployment of vending machines, intelligent containers or unmanned convenience stores is still high due to the current level of development of unmanned retail technology. Therefore, while no retail channels are available for brand enterprises, they must do a good job of meticulous cost and return calculation, not blindly rush to invest in chicken feathers at the last place.

Point 2: Pay attention to the relationship between brand’s commodity characteristics and consumers’demands

Because the consumption environment, consciousness and habits of the main consumer groups have changed a lot, brand enterprises should fully consider the relationship between their own commodity characteristics and consumers’demands when they distribute unmanned retail business independently. The length of the product line, product rigidity, product age attributes and other factors may affect the performance of the channel in the actual business. Brand enterprises should take consumers as the center and match the characteristic commodities that meet the needs of the main consumer groups.

Key Point 3: Business Control System Construction

Business control system actually has two levels, one is internal control, the other is channel control. Although the intelligent level of unmanned retail terminals is very high, according to practical experience, both internal and external need to spend a lot of energy to establish the corresponding control system. Internal such as operation system, external such as channel control, anti-collusion, asset preservation and so on. Unmanned retail channel is a new channel with great vitality and variability. The control system of new channel should not only maintain certain innovation flexibility, but also safeguard channel order and develop enterprise business. Therefore, for most brand enterprises, facing such channel is both an opportunity and a challenge.