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The future of unattended vending machine

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In the future, there are three directions about the upgrading and transformation of vending machines as belows:

One, updating selling channel. 

Such as the self-service selling of breakfast , cosmetics vending machine, U first sampling machine, intelligent ice cream machine and so on.

Second, more closing to user needs

According to the scenarios, understanding users' needs to provide right services.

Targeted selection of goods and services is also a direction in the future.

Thirdly, advertising 

It is empowered to increase interaction with enterprises while selling commodities, and to customize advertising or marketing methods for brands.

In the tide of the times, the unattended vending machine market just like a large piece of fat, quietly waiting for the tiger-eyed divider. Operators need to change their thinking, make changes, and respond to the development of market situation with more flexible and careful thinking, so that the commercial value carried by unattended vending machine industry can play a greater role.