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Milk vending machines, Nuggets opportunities under the new retail wave!

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 "The domestic low-temperature retail market has annual sales of more than 35 billion yuan in 2015 and 110 billion yuan in 2017. There is considerable space in the retail market of low-temperature milk. At the same time, after New Hope and Nestle entered the self-service vending machine industry, many dairy enterprises began to follow up."

How to upgrade and transform traditional industries?

What challenges does the vending machine bring to the dairy industry?

Nearly two years

The FMCG industry has encountered unprecedented challenges

The Internet is accelerating the penetration of traditional offline

Almost the majority of brand sales have declined to varying degrees,

Which also includes the dairy industry

2016 "Resident Diet Guide"

Adult daily intake of milk is 300g

But 80% of the domestic residents are not up to standard

These data indicate that there is considerable room for the low-temperature milk sales market!

Recommended intake of adult dairy products in national dietary guidelines

Continuous improvement of new technologies

Milk vending machines have good prospects, and light-selling mode will be the mainstream of Retailing in the future.

Zoomgu cooperate with Mengniu, Yili, Bright dairy

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According to Alibaba data

Sales of beverage vending machines account for 65% of the market.

And milk is more popular than drinks.

The future of milk vending machines is still very promising.

Milk delivered to the community consumption situation is relatively small, most people choose to buy boxed milk in supermarkets.

Many young parents want their children to drink fresh milk every day.

Milk vending machine can sterilize and keep warm

Effectively protect the freshness and nutrition of milk

The Rise of "Internet + New Retail"

The establishment of online platform can solve the problem of excessive flow of traditional dairy industry.

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