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Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Vending Machine

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Fresh products are the daily necessities of ordinary people.

With the continuous development of e-commerce, the market of fresh e-commerce in China will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years.

Off-line is still the main force, but online growth is rapid:

China’s fresh consumer market will still be mainly offline, accounting for 75% – 85% of the market share, fresh products online started late, but the growth momentum is rapid.

The upper middle class and affluent consumers, new generation consumers and experienced online shoppers are the three major consumption forces to promote the growth of fresh online business.

According to the different consumption power of the market and the possible development of the supply side, it is estimated that online fresh consumption will account for 15-25% of the total fresh consumption in cities and towns by 2020.

As one of the new retail representatives of unattended intelligent vending machines,

Zoomgu will provide Cloud Service System and set up physical stores in the communities closest to users.

Fresh vending machines are popular in the community for three reasons:

1. Shorten the shopping distance.

The fresh vending machine is put in the corridor or public garden of the district, so it only takes 3 minutes to buy vegetables.

Usually, it takes about an hour to go to the supermarket and queue up to settle the accounts.

With this hour, the food is ready with the vending machine.

2. It is more convenient for old people to shop.

In many families, young people work outside, leaving the elderly at home to take their children to cook.

Old people are far less physically active than young people.

They cook with their children at the same time, and their energies are scattered.

With vending machines, they can buy food from the shortest distance, cook quickly and bring their children better.

3. Vegetables are fresher.

Fresh vending machines have the function of keeping fresh, and the vegetables on the shelf are much fresher in the vending machine than in the supermarket, which is more conducive to healthy life.

4. For investment, it is more stable to do community market projects, low cost and quick cost return.