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Alibaba’s 1.2 billion investment in the first share of vending machines! How to play in the second half of the unmanned retail game?

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Not long ago,Ali invested 1.2 billion Youbao as its first share in the field of unmanned retail, becoming the focus of attention in the smart container industry and even the unmanned retail industry.


Alibaba, everyone are all familiar with it, at present, Alibaba’s "new retail"strategic layout of the initial commercial is beginning to take shape.

In the field of unmanned retailing, Ali has always been engaged in small-scale investment.

The vending machine industry will be a good complement to Ali’s unmanned retail industry.

Breaking through the big market of unmanned retail and linking up Ali’s overall strategic layout of new retail



Ali has established an absolute endorsement advantage through Alipay.


Ali’s powerful online matrix, underlying data, payment services, and building a huge retail channel that integrates online and offline, these will bring powerful endorsement and digital enabling and provide sufficient ammunition for intellectualization, diversification and quickness of vending machines.

The retail industry is going very hard in 2018

Wal-Mart closed 16 stores in half a year

168 Neighborhood Families Closed Overnight

Tencent and Ali’s camps continue to grow and acquire physical retail businesses

Looking back on the retail industry in the past year

With China’s Population Aging

Labor costs in China have risen fivefold in the past decade

Employees’salaries in China increased by 8% in 2016.

No. 1 in the world

Meanwhile, China’s total rent increased by 7%.

Offline Entity Store Profit Reduced

Large-scale production, consumption and changes in consumption patterns and sales environment require new channels of circulation.

More and more out-of-industry participants with rich backgrounds are pouring into the industry.

NongFu Spring, Wants wants, Wahaha, Uni-President and other traditional fast-food brands have also begun to join the vending machine industry, which shows the development of this field is the trend.






According to relevant valid data

Domestic Unmanned Retail Market in 2017

Conservative estimates of transaction size close to 20 billion yuan

It is expected to exceed 65 billion by 2020.

The three-year compound growth rate is about 50%.

Unmanned Vending machine in China by 2020

More than 2 million units will be put into operation

Compound growth of about 50% in three years

Brand-exclusive vending machines have become a new direction in the market

Vending Machine will become a new product promotion channel and marketing media of brand

The market is endless and the prospects are limitless.


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5. High and low temperature constant temperature and humidity laboratory, which is used to test the performance of vending machines in extreme environment and climate, has met the design requirements.

6. Salt fog laboratory, used for anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion testing of metal materials, to maximize the service life of products;

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