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30 exotic vending machines in the world, did you ever use that?

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Do you think there are only snacks in vending machines? That’s a big mistake, cupcakes, sneakers, crabs, cigarettes, caviar, gold bars… Only unexpected, not to be found.

Here are 30 exotic vending machines that Business Insider collects and distributes around the world.

1. On the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, there are 24-hour cupcakes vending machines. You can buy delicious cupcakes like chocolate marshmallows with credit cards.

2. A vending machine for fresh hairy crabs can be found at a major subway station in Nanjing, China. This is also a live crab vending machine in China, which sells an average of 200 live crabs a day.

3. In Taiwan, people can buy medical masks from vending machines, especially during the outbreak of avian influenza.

4. In many parts of the world, including this hotel in Abu Dhabi, there also are vending machines for gold.

5. Put a coin into a vending machine in Tokyo, and a real person will give you candy. Although contrary to the concept of automatic trafficking, it is also a pleasure.

6. In Japan, people can buy canned coffee in the street vending machine of Suntory.

7. The idea of skin cleaning always pops up when you go to the bathroom and look yourself in the mirror. If you’re in Hollywood, California, you can turn to Proactive to repair the vending machine.

8. An automatic vending machine for organic raw milk can be found in central London, where farmers add raw milk to the vending machine and sell it directly from farms to avoid the ban on the sale of raw milk in British stores.

9. Buying candy on a Puerto Rico vending machine can get a free tube of Colgate toothpaste. At the same time, the word "Don’t forget to brush your teeth"will be displayed on the LED screen. Colgate conveys health messages in this way.

10. In the eastern end of downtown Vancouver, you can find a drug-taking filter vending machine as a public service facility to replace the old ones in order to prevent the spread of disease.

11. After an 85% student support survey, the University of Spensburg, Pennsylvania, introduced Plan B drug vending machines, and other schools, such as Pomona College, are competing to follow suit.

12. An electronic money vending machine in Britain was set up in a cafe near the Small Silicon Valley Technology Center in East London in March 2014. Through this vending machine, Bitcoin can be exchanged for paper money.

13. In Los Angeles, hungry people can buy hot ready-made Mexican rolls from vending machines for $3, including Spanish sausages, baked potatoes, original bacon, potatoes and shredded beef.

14. The company that makes Mexican tortillas also makes a pizza vending machine that uses an oven to make a 10-inch pizza in 90 seconds.

15. Farmer’s Fridge, a Chicago startup, puts salads in sealed cans and sells them in vending machines, starting at $8.

16. Brooklyn, New York, has an automatic vending machine called Swap-o-matic, which allows people to trade unwanted items for new ones without cash.

17. Serving more sophisticated consumers, this cigar vending machine sells up to 25 different brands of imported high quality cigars at prices ranging from $2 to $20.

18. A caviar vending machine in a Los Angeles mall costs between $5 and $500 an ounce.

19. Champagne is sold in a vending machine in London. The pocket bottles are worth $29 a bottle.

20. During the 2014 World Cup, an automatic vending machine was installed at Sao Paulo Metro Station to sell Brazilian National Football Team uniforms, facilitating fanatical fans.

21. Hangzhou, China, has a relatively large car rental vending machine. It only costs 3 yuan per hour to rent a car. Although the high speed is only 50 miles, electric vehicles can greatly reduce vehicle exhaust pollution.

22. California, which has a medical marijuana license, has a cannabis vending machine, which is as easy as buying a bag of potato chips. It costs $15 to $20 a bag and can be purchased after a few hours of fingerprint scanning.

23. Coca-Cola Spanish lemon juice brand Limon & Nad can be purchased at variable prices in different regions. Lemon juice can be purchased in vending machines at cheaper prices in hot weather.

24. In France, a baker introduced two stick vending machines. Fans can buy fresh sticks 24 hours at any time, even at night.

25. Wearing high-heeled shoes to a night party can be painful. Vending machines that sell soft, comfortable shoes in California and Las Vegas solve women’s problems.

26. In order to promote running days, the sports shoe brand New Balance, in collaboration with the Westin Hotel, launched a vending machine selling free running equipment (worth $150). Buyers need to write on the computer in front of the vending machine via Twitter: "I want to run@Westin#National Running Day".

27. Amazon, an e-commerce giant, has also entered the vending machine market, setting up Kindle Fire vending machines at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas to sell e-readers and accessories to tourists who lack entertainment.

28. the unusual vending machine is nothing new. In 1949, there was a sunscreen vending machine with spray nozzles, and 30 seconds of spray cost only 1 cents.

29. Philadelphia entrepreneur Marvin Kilgore rented 40 vending machines to sell human hair for women’s hair receipts, worth between $60 and $250 a piece.

30. A company in Turky has launched an automatic vending machine that trades recyclable bottles for dog food and water. When plastic bottles are put into the machine, dog food and water will flow out to help stray dogs. Zoomgu undertakes the OEM production of customized machines,

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