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123.9 billion RMB of ice cream market in China!

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When it comes to summer, I think of an oil-painted blue sky in an exotic setting.

In the evening, I skip the wind on the road where there is still residual heat.

The old fence is covered with dark green shadows of creeper.

Of course

Summer without ice cream is hooliganism.

Ice cream is a popular dessert.

Whether you work, study or on holiday

A glass of fashionable and delicious ice cream

Always let the pressure go away

Bring infinite joy to people

And it has developed to the present day.

Ice cream is no longer a summer specialty.

Even in the snow-drifting winter

There’s still a lot of people buying.

Over the past 10 years, the compound annual growth level of ice cream production and sales in China has been around 10%.

Nowadays, the ice cream market has a scale of nearly 100 billion Yuan in China,

and has surpassed the United States as the world’s largest consumer of ice cream.

In the 1990s, Wall’s officially entered the Chinese market, and the ice cream industry in China began to develop.

The local brands Yili and Mengniu grew rapidly.

In April this year, we are familiar with Moslian, Starbucks introduced series of yogurt ice cream, tea ice cream. products.

According to the statistics of LAND PEACE MEDIA,

Ice Cream Market Research Center of China

The total amount of ice cream market in China reached 123.937 billion yuan.

Production and sales up to 5.064 million tons

That is to say, Almost 4 out of 10 people in China have ice cream

People are willing to queue for hours for a cup of net black milk tea.

They also want to buy a drink or hot coffee quickly when they are on their way.

But there are still many inconveniences in buying ice cream in stores.

Ice cream vending machine came into being at this time

China is a big foodie country

It also indicates a vast market.

Baxi Entered Ice Cream Vending Machine Market

As early as 2011, Baxi has been operating equipment for ice cream vending machines.

According to Baxi’s data operation, this channel model is completely feasible without worrying about profitability.

Ice cream vending machine

Undoubtedly, it is closer to the consumption habits of modern people.

This sales model caters to the needs of young people.

In fact

Intelligent Ice Cream Vending Machine

Wherever you put it

Can become a beautiful scenery

Attract passers-by crowds

The popularity of ice cream vending machines

Far Beyond the Sales Model of Physical Stores

Ice cream vending machines are more than simple sales.

Instead, a closed-loop of benign consumption of production, sales, publicity and profit has been formed.

Which is an innovative ice cream processing plant.

Therefore, we should control the quality of ice cream strictly.

Carefully select raw materials--

Poor material will directly affect the taste and the repurchase rate.

Ice cream just made in 30 seconds through self-service terminals.

In addition, the rise of health culture makes consumers pay more attention to the food and quality of ice cream

Ice cream vending machine can make a variety of combinations of ingredients and tastes.

Ensure the temperature and taste of ice cream.

Whether you admit it or not.

Unattended mode is quietly prevailing.

Unconsciously, it has been integrated into the daily life of urban people.

Vending machines have become a symbol of new retail sales

And one of the preferred ways of consumption for young consumers

Vending Machine is the Trend of Future Development

In fact, in the field of food, vending machines have been widely used.

But it involves cryogenic storage even freezing.

At present, few enterprises can do it completely.

Today I would like to recommend a NICE enterprise for intelligent ice cream machine.

—— Jibing Intelligent Technology in Hunan Province.

Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine.

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