Zoomgu snack drink combo vending machine with 32 inches LCD screen

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Zoomgu Newly design vending machine with 32 inches LCD screen

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Medium capacity
Dex port available
Front Glass Vending machine with cooling

32 inches LCD screen or Touch screen
Bill,Coin,Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol) 

Drop sensor system, guarantee the selected item is delivered to the customer or their money is returned

Main function:

·Standard 46 inches advertisement display screen, and can play kinds of videos and pictures

·Strong human-computer interaction interface, and can use the customizable picture, cartoon and video etc. multi- media form that dynamic offer to

humanized interaction operation. And can through LAN,WIFI,3G etc. network that realize to remote real-time control update and issue the multi-media files.

·With commodity windows display, and single button select goods.

·Adopt international MDB standard design, accord with international DEX standard, and can accept kinds of international general standard design.

·Accept currency, coin, and change function.

·Can customize IC card payment, mobile payment, credit card and other method of payment. Machine can support 232 computer serial port control.

·Vend a variety of snack foods and frozen cans, bottled, box-packed ,etc beverage.

·Microcomputer control system possess intelligent date enquiry, statistics, account, self-diagnosis of breakdown etc. management function.

· The size of the commodity channel can be changed, which can be flexible for the each commodities and medicines.

·Be convenient for maintain to use modularity Refrigeration system.

·Refrigeration system using R134a  cfc-free refrigerants, in line with international green environmental protection requirements;
· The standard grating shipment inspection system

·The temperature can be shown with the data and it can be adjusted by yourself.
· Power-failure protection

·Support GPRS wireless long-distance backstage administrate system.

·Heating system.

The points marked with  is for non-standard equipment
Above models can accept the non-standard customization and modification.


Technical index:

Commodity types: Max. 48 type( Cans/Bottled/Box-packed/Flexible package)
Commodity storage: 240-720 pcs

Refrigerated Storage Temperature: 4°C–20°C (Adjustable)
External Dimension: 1930X972X871mm;

Weight: 340KG
Electricity: AC 100-240V,  50/60HZ
Patent: 2012306371064

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