Zoomgu fresh ground coffee freshly brewed coffee vending machine

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Main Feature:

Coffee beans grinder:coffee powder is ground on site.The grinding thickness degree can be adjustable.

Tidy:All machine operation is visible through glass showcase.

More Flavors:6 material box can store different coffee.

Ingredients like:Milk ,Coco powder,Sugar,Tea,Powder,Lemon Powder,etc.

Intelligent:Machine is automated with robot arm.

Safe:Anti-clamping door to prevent hand from clamping.

Convenient:Touch screen and get what you have screen.

Tasty:extracting the coffee nutrition from high temperature and pressure,enjoy the nature of coffee.

Anti-theft:integrated anti-theft door with electronic lock.

Precision :High precision weighting sensor can control the quantity which the coffee is extracted to assure the taste for each cup.

Accurate:Advanced temperature control sensor to control the temperature tolerance under ±0.5℃.

Adjustable cup size:The cup size can be adjusted between 62 mm(60z)~90 mm(13oz).

Anti-blocking:the material is very fast to slid through box aisle,the powder can be kept dry and avoid from blocking.

Water source : Water source can shift from water tank to water inlet easily.

More cups:5 cup slots, can store 400 pcs cups.

Technique Data:

Number of cartridges :6

Container capacity :4kg/a

Coffee beans capacity :2.5kg

Type of drink :20 kinds

Temperature :3℃-50℃

Water supply method :Bottled water/tap water

Display:21.5 inches touchable

Dimensions :1780 mm *650 mm *760 mm

Weight :200 kg

power source :AC 100-240V,50/60HZ

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