Zoomgu ODM/OEM convenience store frozen sucker ice cream vending machine for supermarket

Vending machine for selling prepackaged ice cream and y […]

Vending machine for selling prepackaged ice cream and yoghourt.

Frozen sucker,  ice cream cone,  ice cream,  yoghourt.

Main Features:

1.It is according to the international MDB principle to design, can meet international DEX standard, and also can meet all kinds of international principle to design the appearance.

2.Payment System: Wechat pay/Ali pay/Best pay/credit card

3.Front window with big double tempered glass, with fog resistant heating system, commodity display intuitive and easy to handle.

4.Temperature satisfaction settings: can sell goods in different temperature at one time.

5.Micro-computer control management system, with auditing and checking sales data function, also can do self-diagnose.

6.The width of each slot can be changed for different products, with different dimension.

7.Cooling system with R134a refrigerator, can meet the ROHS requirement.

8.Power off protection, can memory call the data.

9.Double temperature control, machine with 2 temperature sensor, one for machine online monitoring, another one set a remote temperature sensor and the management system can monitor the cooling temperature on time to avoid any melt of the ice creams.

10.Can set the time to switch the machines, with power-failure function.

11.Body material:Full steel construction, sturdy and durable.

12.Patent air cooling circulation system to ensure the temperature is uniform for each corner.

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