Zoomgu OEM/ODM intelligent beer red wine elevator vending machine

Technique data: Specification:1942*795*1269mm Weight:37 […]

Technique data:



Capacity specification: 6 floors, 2 kinds of goods on each floor

Stock of goods: 60 bottles

Mode of payment: Wechat Payment, ALIPAY, JD PAY, BESTPAY

Customization: banknotes and coin, banknotes and coin change

Body material: whole machine foamed, six times painted, adopt 3 layers anti-condensation electricity heated  hollow glass coated steel glass.

Backstage management: remote wireless backstage management system+WeChat cloud management system


Machine feature:

1.Standard 32 inch LED advertising display screen, support play various videos and pictures.

2.The whole machine body foamed at refrigerator level, refrigerate more effectively, save electricity and energy.

3.Modular integrated system, convenient to knock down.

4.All the slots can be changed according to the different sizes of the merchandiser.

5.Support cloud background management system, WeChat checks at backstage data, expand support for O2O online business city.

6.Intelligent remote control operation, one key setting, easy operation.

7.Super strong anti-theft design; Pullout port is suitable for large-sized products.

8.Sell goods, beer, red wine, white wine etc.

9.The standard grating shipment inspection system, accurate shipment.

10.The way of selling and shipping is using the automatic elevator system to assist goods of different locations deliver to the port.

11.Power-off protection, can memory all the data.

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