Zoomgu NEW Drink Vending Machine

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Model: ZG-MXY(7SP)

Display screen:7-inch display touch screen

Dimension:H:1940mm W:1313mm D:851mm

Slot: standard configuration(5 layers,9 slots per layer,Standard layer high spacing 260mm(can custom)

Capacity :drink 400pcs bottle/canned (according to the size)

Refrigerated temperature :4-25℃(adjustable)

Rated voltage: AC100-240V;50/60HZ

Weight :300kg

Payment system:bill,coin validitor

Configuration:importer compressor

Commodities:bottle or canned drink(Not suitable for glass bottles)

Take-out method:X Y axis delivery mode, right rotary door shipment


1.By using the cartridge inventory method, the bottle and bottle are closely combined, and the space is used effectively. The effective selling capacity of the container is 10% to 15% more than that of the serpentine channel in the same volume.

2.Suitable for beverage bottle specification range can be extended to round, square, special-shaped, basic need not be adjusted, has a very obvious advantage.

3.Loading is like loading bullets, a bottle is pushed in one by one, resistance is very small, feel very good, for skilled operator can pushed by both hands at the same time, loading speed greatly accelerated and extremely reliable.

4.The comprehensive error rate can be controlled at 1/30000, and the shipping performance and accuracy are greatly improved.

5.It is the first time to realize automatic perception of the quantity of merchandise inventory in vending machines, which provides necessary conditions for operators to realize intelligent distribution, and its contribution to intelligent management of beverage machine industry is self-evident.

6.For the first time, the detection of the shipping status of each shipping channel is realized, which enables the operator to know the shipping situation more quickly and accurately, and to provide better service to the customers remotely, and the service level is greatly improved.

7.The structural design of the cartridge track determines that it is very convenient and easy to maintain, without special training, the general staff can master it quickly, and the cost of spare parts is greatly reduced.

8.Big window interface Rio 50 kinds of goods under the light illumination dazzling, the customer sees is gains, to the consumer’s psychological implication is more direct has the attraction, causes the customer infinite purchase desire.

9.7-inch touch screen, strong man-machine interface, can use custom pictures, animation, audio and video, multimedia form to provide dynamic interactive operation.

10.Support paper money, coin change function.

11.Powerful remote management platform can query every vending machine sales information and running status anytime and anywhere through the network.

12.Machine reservation expansion, can be combined at any time into a very large capacity vending machine.



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