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IT changes in vending machines Vending machine and IT a […]

IT changes in vending machines
Vending machine and IT are inseparable, it is not only mechanical and electrical control of the hardware platform, and has a very complex combination of sales and the Internet intelligent terminal, IT innovation in the TCN will fundamentally change the vending machine genes, re-interpretation vending machine Intelligent meaning.

Member of the Internet in the World
Vending machine through wifi, 3G, Ethernet, GPRS and other wired and wireless ways to closely integrate with the Internet together, become a member of the Internet family, to achieve the integration of sales and information services innovation, to provide consumers with the different experience.

Strong currency payment environment
Banknotes, coins, card, mobile payment and other payment methods through MDB, Rs232, 485 protocol can quickly access, through the vending cloud service platform, but also with the third party automatic settlement.

The new multimedia interactive interface
Vending machine operation will be very different from the past, touch screen, intelligent keyboard, voice prompts, video display and help, mobile phones and tablet computers and other remote interaction will enable managers and consumers to operate more convenient and more enjoyable.