Zhongji Training Center is Zhongji Technology Co.,Ltd s […]

Zhongji Training Center is Zhongji Technology Co.,Ltd subsidiary organ,mainly for the zhongji agents, partners, customers and authorized maintenance agencies, from professional high-level teachers to rigorous and pragmatic teaching attitude, high-quality standardized education services, to provide students with automatic Vending machine industry professional knowledge and enhance the professional quality of personal opportunities for enterprises to provide the core competitiveness of talent
Training Courses
Software Training Courses Hardware training courses Management skills training
Coin acceptor management software Refrigeration systems and maintenance How to manage vending machines
Bill acceptor management software Vending machine hardware system and maintenance How to choose a location
Vending machine management platform The hardware system and maintenance of the bill How to choose transportation routes
Vending machine management software Coin acceptor hardware system and maintenance Mechanical principle

Technology Communication
Vending machine industry development opportunities in China
Reduce operating costs and maintenance costs of the method
Research on Neural Network Algorithm of Dollar Recognition
Design of vending control system based on aim processor