Service System

Service System In order to provide a full range of prof […]

Service System
In order to provide a full range of professional and efficient service, Zhongji vending machine of the establishment of efficient after-sales service system, and in the major provinces designated maintenance points, the first time in the customer needs to provide technical support and maintenance services to ensure that Every customer “buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.”
pre-sale service
How to help customers choose economical, suitable and efficient vending machines in China and Zhongji is one of our most concern, we provide a detailed online selection guide (-> how to choose vending machines) and success stories (-> success stories) For your reference, you can also call the Department of Commerce (-> Contact Us: 0731-87100700), we will arrange for your special consultants, to provide you with professional advice.
Professional Training

Long-distance technical support
In the event of a minor failure, we encourage customers who are away from the depot and have some experience in vending machine maintenance to do so under the guidance of the engineers of our after-sales service department. Our long-range guidance includes (phone, skype, msn, and upcoming live demonstration video tutorials)
On-site service
Our after-sales service department has experienced maintenance staff ready to provide you with point-to-point services, when necessary, we will provide on-site service.
Communication of experience
We also invite you to join us in discussing your experience, skills and ideas on the use and operation of TCN Vending machines in China.
Maintenance advantages
For the purchase of TCN vending machine customers can enjoy long-term maintenance of spare parts of the high preferential prices.