Common Fault Solutions

Common failure solution Common Fault Solutions Debug Po […]

Common failure solution Common Fault Solutions Debug
Power off 1.The power switch does not turn on Turn on all switches of the machines
  2.220V electricity does not have access check the mains
  3.Fuse blown Replace the fuse
Insufficient merchandise 1.The machine is not loaded In the machine power state ,click on the vending
Board[S2]key to enter the cargo interface machine then press the OK key to complete the
program on goods.
Slot failure 1.Wiring gear box loose or bad gear box Connect the gear box cable,or replace the gear
box, and then from the machine menu to clear the
slot fault
  2.Spring reverse The gear box and spring do not match,replace the
gear box or spring
More change 1.Coin changer fault Change coin changer
  2.Coin inside the coin changer Press the back button to exit the card