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Common Fault Solution

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VM Remote Management System

Zoomgu  VM Remote Management System that can be accessed from anywhere on  any compatible devices including PC, smart phones, tablets and so on to remotely manage and monitor your clusters of vending machines in disperse locations.


With Zoomgu VM Remote Management System, the vending operators can manage their vending machine in more efficient and profitable manners, benefited from the comprehensive and easy-to-use features with real-time data, such as centralized inventory management, consolidated sales management and tracking, cash collection traceability, stock replenishment management. All of these means less loss, less cost, more efficiency, and more profits.

OEM/ODM service can be provided.


Common Fault Solution

Common failure solution Common Fault Solutions Debug
Power off 1.The power switch does not turn on Turn on all switches of the machines
2.220V electricity does not have access check the mains
3.Fuse blown Replace the fuse
Insufficient merchandise 1.The machine is not loaded In the machine power state ,click on the vending
Board[S2]key to enter the cargo interface machine then press the OK key to complete the
program on goods.
Slot failure 1.Wiring gear box loose or bad gear box Connect the gear box cable,or replace the gear
box, and then from the machine menu to clear the
slot fault
2.Spring reverse The gear box and spring do not match,replace the
gear box or spring
More change 1.Coin changer fault Change coin changer
2.Coin inside the coin changer Press the back button to exit the card

After-sales service Clause

This clause relates to our company and the customer, the quality, after-sales service rights and obligations of the agreement. Our company to provide you with quality guarantee services. At the same time you strictly in accordance with the operating instructions of my company to use your machine to avoid violation of the provisions of the company to lose the enjoyment of the quality of service security rights
1.Zoomgu automatic vending machine free warranty period of 2 years, the warranty period, customers can enjoy free parts replacement and repair; warranty period, will be appropriate to collect parts cost and maintenance services, product life-long maintenance.
2. The customer should be under the guidance of technical personnel in the Zhongji machine maintenance, maintenance modification and installation, otherwise, resulting in any direct or indirect losses, our company does not assume any responsibility.
3. In the course of maintenance, the parts and components that are replaced by the company are all owned by our company. We will not be responsible for the indirect losses (such as the losses caused by the machine not working properly).
4. We will not be liable for any malfunctions and damages caused by other equipment connected with the machine, or for any malfunction or damage caused by the software used in connection with the equipment.
5. Our company will not be responsible for the damage and loss of other equipment connected with this product caused by the malfunction of this product.
6. The machine is subject to natural wear and tear, improper transport and damage caused by unacceptable factors not covered by the warranty.
7. Company to provide customers with the right to use the background management system free of charge, if the system to replace their logo, will charge 200 yuan / year costs.
8. To facilitate the query, out of the box will be located in the vending machine certificate on the machine model and factory number copied in the warranty card, and the warranty card properly kept.
9. Due to user resale, transfer of the machine, the aircraft warranty obligations from the date of transfer shall be invalid.
When you need normal consultation or repair, please hold the warranty card and purchase invoices and contact the company after-sales service center; if not clear terms, please contact our company or the distributors, dealers and other special service station consultation.
The above provisions do not expressly provide for the obligations, the company shall not bear. The final interpretation of the company owned by Zoomgu.